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                                                                     Type 10 Turnbuckles

          Elegant Design,

          Exceptional Performance

          From their clean lines to the use of the highest grade materials and quality finish,
          Ronstan Type 10 turnbuckles are engineered to deliver performance while
          enhancing the appearance of any yacht, or tensile project.

          Type 10                         Roll swage
          Type 10 closed body turnbuckles have a sleek,   integrity
          modern profile with no sharp edges. They   Swage fittings suit industry-standard
          are easily adjusted by turning the unique   roll swaging presses and dimensions
          adjustment nut, which is free to rotate within   are derived from the original ‘Milspec’
          the sleeve on the turnbuckle body, and are   for maximum integrity. They are suitable
          secured with a quick turn on the locking nut.   for use with modern and traditional wire
          A sight hole is provided in the body to verify   constructions, including 1x19, 7x19 and
          adequate thread engagement. With fine   compact strand.
          thread and single end adjustment, Type 10
          turnbuckles are much easier to adjust than   Termination options
          conventional turnbuckles, and the use of   A full range of eye, fork and toggle fittings
          dissimilar but compatible metals for the   complement the turnbuckles to permit
          threaded components avoids the risk of   assembly of finished rigging elements to
          thread seizure. Toggles are designed with    suit virtually any application.
          full lateral articulation for easy installation
          and connection compatibility.   Calibrated turnbuckles
          Fine, rolled threads            For accurate, repeatable settings of rig
                                          tension and precise adjustment, calibrated
          Ronstan rigging fittings have rolled threads   turnbuckle models are available for wire
          for maximum strength and reliability – unlike   sizes up to 5mm (7/32”); thread sizes
          cut threads, the stainless steel bar is formed   1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” UNF.
          up and down to create a thread with the grain
          remaining unbroken and flowing the full
          length of the thread. Threads are UNF
          (Unified National Fine), short pitch threads
          for fine adjustment and reduced
          adjustment effort.

                               Rolled threads for maximum strength  Roll swage integrity

          Versatile end correction options  Calibrated models
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